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You found me. Currently perfectionot. I post the misfit posts here to keep the main positive. Here you will find my broken insides and what I cover up with my smile :) I hope one day I will no longer need this but for now it shall serve as a reminder of how the world is kinda scary and i shouldn't be so naive until I become strong enough to handle it. So. Here it is. All the things running through my head. Don't trip. Be careful and stay safe please.
I miss my sunshine Kenny. 8.31.13


No matter how much I sleep, I am always tired.
No matter how many people surround me, I’m always alone.
No matter what I do, I feel unaccomplished.
No matter the number of compliments, I will always feel insecure.
No matter what, I will always feel insignificant.
I will always feel worthless.
I will always feel pain.
This is who I am.

Anonymous said: i love you

Then loveee meee dammit.

I want to leave now.
I’m done.
I give up.
Because I am fucking useless and worthless.
So why take up any more stupid space in this stupid world?

Anonymous said: you okay?

Not today.

I give up.

I have done bad things. I can’t take them back, and they are part of who I am. Most of the time, they seem like the only thing I am.

Veronica Roth, Insurgent (via aleuser)

You told me we were special
You called me every night
You said you fell asleep to the thought of me
And felt you woke up just to love me

Am I still special?
I’m the only one calling anymore
and you hardly answer
I let you into my heart
You’ve traveled through my veins and you’re circulating my body at this very moment
At every moment
I can’t get you out I can’t get you out

Don’t get me wrong
You’re still the most special being the universe has ever come up with
But the problem is I can see myself fading from the light in your eyes
I can no longer look into your soul
I look to you I’m trying I’m trying to find if any piece of me is still in you
But all I ever see anymore is my reflection in your eyes
And I feel so alone

You told me we were special…

I Can’t Tell If You’re Fading Away Or I Am (via justinneedstoshutup)

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